Revise Your ListingsWant to drop prices? Update your titles? Change your SKU? You can do it all within Fearn! Simply make the changes you'd like within your listing on Fearn and click Revise. Your edits will be made to your listing on your chosen marketplace. Want to edit your listing amongst every platform it's crosslisted to? Use the Revise All button on the Basic form (Revise All in beta - coming soon)!


Easily onboard & import all of your listings at once. Or select the ones you'd like to import.


Earn more with Fearn by taking advantage of our easy-to-use crosslisting system.


Listings getting stale? Want to boost them in search? Relist your items with a click of a button!


Never get caught selling one item on two platforms. You can delist each listing individually or use Update.

Merge Imported ListingsAfter importing your listings from various marketplaces, Fearn makes it easy to merge them together with our Merge feature. Simply choose the listing you'd like to merge & Fearn will generate similar imported listings from other marketplaces. Once you've found your match simply click Merge and voila! It’s as easy as that!
Update & Delist SalesDon't spend hours of your week updating an inventory spreadsheet and manually delisting sold items! Now with Fearn, you can do all that with one click of a button. By clicking Update, Fearn scans all marketplaces for any sales you’ve made, moves all sold inventory into the Sold tab, imports all sales related info (sales price, platform fees, etc) which automatically gets accounted for in your bookkeeping & analytics, and delists sold items from all other marketplaces they were crosslisted on. It's a HUGE time saver!

Import Sales

Import older sales on Fearn for up-to-date bookkeeping & analytics.


Easily manage and track your returns from all marketplaces in one place!


Streamline shipping with a centralized picking list and shipping list while tracking your associated costs.

AnalyticsAlmost every platform has its own analytics–but what if you want analytics for your reselling business as a whole? Fearn is designed just for that! Our favorite feature? Set a monthly goal and track your performance. But also, analyze your overall sales, your sales per platform, what brands & categories are doing well, and what you currently have in stock.
BookkeepingWhen you’re running a busy reselling business, keeping up with bookkeeping can be overwhelming. Fearn was built to relieve the stress of bookkeeping with easy-to-use expense tracking and mileage tracking, plus an income worksheet to help assess your business’ profitability month over month.
Invite EmployeesMany resellers have virtual assistants and employees to help expedite growth, but since Fearn is a fully integrated software, we wanted to make sure that your employees won’t have access to your numbers. So, we’ve created an employee invite system (included in both the Business & Unlimited Plan) that allows your employees to set up their own joint account, but hides Bookkeeping and Analytics.


Easy Onboarding

Simply add your employee’s email address & they’ll receive an invite to create a joint Fearn account.


Task Management

Fearn also includes a task management system! Create to-do lists, assign tasks, and leave comments for your employees.